Brand Sponsorship

HMC worked with the late Sir Henry Cooper to find and secure sponsors for his unique charitable televised golf events. These intellectual golfing properties always featured many well-loved celebrities and the events were always shown as ‘one off specials’ broadcast by Sky Sports. The companies that were involved as sponsors were able to meet a number of the most important criteria when investing in sponsorship.

1. Improved corporate awareness provided through massive media coverage (Television, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines and social media

2. Corporate image – The event significantly raises the profile of the participating companies through association with Sir Henry Cooper and the participating celebrities and through an association of the premier sport of golf.

3. Customer Relations – sponsorships can attract new clients through brand recognition as well as communicating to existing clients.

4. Community Relations – Companies that are seen to support charitable events financially are shown to care about the welfare of their communities and its citizens. The Henry Cooper events helped to raise funds for a number of charities and local community sports projects in the Algarve.

Example packages included signage, branding on all event materials, playing rights, hospitality, exhibition stands, car displays and car branding for the ‘hole in one’ prize!

An evaluation of the sponsorship to measure performance against objectives proved a good investment for the sponsors and added huge value to the brand proposition.