HMC Offers A Full Bespoke Design Service

Our creative design team will often work with our advertisers to produce ‘tailored’ adverts for the respective magazines they advertise in. This service allows us to create bespoke Adverts, Advertorials and Inserts for them at very competitive costs.

We can organise and apply cover mounts, poly wrap magazines or print magazines with different covers – these options are invaluable to advertisers with sampling opportunities or specific promotional needs.

We can activate a wide range of high impact multimedia solutions for our clients through our online Digital magazines. We can provide them with content such as video clips, data capture, and links to their own website or sales forum and help them to engage with a selection of social media platforms.

The explosive growth in demand for a digital alternative to print media allows advertisers to reach a completely new target audience and an opportunity to share an interactive experience with their publication through desktops, laptops, iPad’s and iPhones.

Digital media also provides the advertisers with solid proof of traffic to their own websites, data capture points and URL’s. It also allows advertisers to refresh adverts frequently helping to keep their ad campaigns on point and up to date.