Golf Icon

Golf Icon is the only luxury definitive guide to the Majors, produced in both Printed and Digital formats – published in partnership with Sky Sports Golf.

Win a ‘Major’ – you go down in history,

Win all 4 ‘Majors’ – you become a legend,

Win all 4 ‘Majors’ in a season – you become a Golf Icon!

Golf Icon will accompany all of the live coverage by Sky Sports Golf of these unmissable tournaments. Sky Sports Golf target on average 4 million unique users per month – this jumps up to 8/9 million users in the lead up to and during a Major tournament.

Golf Icon will target a premium audience of CEO’s, MD’s, business owners, entrepreneur’s and the sporting elite.  The Sky Sports Golf team enjoy a very privileged relationship with all of the competing players and this will enable Golf Icon to deliver a truly insightful ‘Majors’ magazine of exceptional quality.

To cater for the digital market place an e-magazine of Golf Icon is positioned on the landing page of the official Sky Sports Golf website from April 2021 through to December 2021.  The brands who are advertising are benefitting from a rich media content such as video clips, links and social media platforms.