Golf Icon®

Golf Icon® is the only luxury, definitive guide to the ‘Majors’ – published in partnership with Sky Sports Golf.

Produced in both PRINTED and DIGITAL formats and a copy of the digital web-magazine will be positioned on the landing page of the Sky Sports Golf website.  

Golf Icon® is designed exclusively to enhance the live coverage of these unmissable golf tournaments by Sky Sports Golf and will target an exceptional audience of ABC1 CEO’s, MD’s, business owners, entrepreneur’s and the sporting elite. 

The Sky Sports Golf offering is first class and this will in turn enable our partnership to deliver a truly world class ‘Majors’ magazine.

Win a ‘Major’ – you go down in history,

Win all 4 ‘Majors’ – you become a legend,

Win all 4 ‘Majors’ in a season – you become a Golf Icon!

Collectively these unique Printed and Digital assets offer a massive readership that Companies can target with their brands, websites and social media platforms.