Golf Chic® – the ONLY official magazine of the Ladies European Tour (LET)

This glossy and stylish publication presents women with an in depth guide to all of the latest golfing trends – BUT also offers an insight to the accompanying lifestyles enjoyed by an aspirational audience of women who follow, play, or want to take up the premier sport of golf.

The concept behind Golf Chic® is to help capitalise on the massive growth potential within the ladies game and its accompanying lifestyle. Golf Chic® allows advertisers to target an audience of image conscious, affluent women who are predominantly ABC1. It is a brand building publication that helps to elevate the image of women’s golf in the UK and Europe. An identical digital version of Golf Chic® is positioned on the official LET website – this online experience will enable readers to enjoy a multi-media experience with the publication.

A least 70% of the brands re-advertising in every issue – and Golf Chic® has proven to be a superb magazine concept for all of the stakeholders in women’s golf.


“We are delighted to have been involved with the very first issue of Golf Chic and are most impressed with the look and feel of this magazine. It is great to see a high quality magazine aimed at the lady golfer and we hope to be involved with future publications.”
Sarah Stancombe, Marriott Hotel

“Peugeot were pleased to be involved in the first edition of Golf Chic. The quality of the magazine was very good and we were delighted to see Melissa Reid on the front cover.”
Keely Davidson, Peugeot

“Congratulations for this first issue of Golf Chic, a magazine that matches perfectly with the Evian Masters’ spirit. We are happy to be part of it and we wish you all the best for the future, continuing to promote ladies golf all over the world.”
Isabella Pedrono, Evian Resort

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